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Who’s Got Next? February 8, 2011

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It’s an interesting question above, who is jazz’s next breakout star? Some will look for some obscure European you’ve never heard of, others will look to a established name who just hasn’t gotten their due yet. But I feel as if have found the man who I think can change jazz and take it into the next 30 or so years.

May I present to you Troy Andrews, or as he’s known on the scene, Trombone Shorty.

But Ryan, you’re a sax player and trumpet players like Miles Davis are the ones who get remembered, why a trombonist? Well, I’m happy you asked that question. You see, the trombone doesn’t really have a superstar the same way the sax, trumpet, piano, drums and bass do. Sure, J.J. Johnson is great, Glenn Miller is a legend, but there is no one name that you can say and have people know them without having to identify the type of instrument to the casual music fan.

People know who Coltrane is, people know of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. Heck, Charlie Parker got a movie made about him!

Trombone Shorty is the next in the line of those kind of musicians. He plays both trombone and trumpet at a virtuosic level as well as being one hell of a signer as well. He comes from New Orleans, the cradle of the genre is uses modern sounds like amps and rock productions techniques to blend his style into some funk/jazz/rock hybrid. He knows the roots of his music and he knows where he wants to take it.

But most importantly, Andrews is one of the most entertaining figures in jazz. The man was a born entertainer switching between instruments, singing and the showmanship of very few musical acts before him, and there is only other jazz frontman I can compare him to and that is Andrews’ idol Louis Armstrong.

His stage shows are nothing short of a party. If you’ve never been to New Orleans this is the closest you can get without living your state. I got the chance to see him live last summer and I tell you that if you ever get the chance to see him, drop whatever you are doing and go. Don’t believe me, well check out this video of him performing “Backatown” from his new album of the same name at the Louisiana Music Factory.

Don’t worry jazz aficionado, with the genre in the hands of Trombone Shorty we will make it into the 21st century just fine.



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